Scheduled queries are not being executed and were found in outdated queries after some times

It has been observed that the redash queue for scheduled queries has been piling up on certain days and all of the queries in scheduled mode going into outdated queries.
How to resolve the above problem?

Redash Version: 8


Do you see any relevant info in your logs? How many workers do you have? Are these long-running queries? Do ad-hoc queries run as normal?

@jesse I have not got any relevant logs. Initially, there are 8 workers so we had to increase it with 16 workers but that doesn’t work and the same thing is happening once a week . There are no long-running queries on avg the query takes 5min. Yes, ad-hoc queries run as normal.
After restart, scheduled queries runs fine but after some days the scheduled queries are not executed for many hours and it goes to outdated queries ?

Sounds like your scheduler is crashing periodically. This was a known issue in V8 which we solved by switching from Celery to RQ in V9 and above.