Scheduled queries refresh behavior in query page

Hey All,

We have been running self-hosted redash and we have been super happy with it. We use it to power a variety of dashboards around our facility but I’m noticing that the scheduled queries don’t behave the way I think they do.

If I go to a query page and set a schedule for a query, my principle of least astonishment says that when I leave the page open past the refresh time, the query page should refresh the data I see. I see this updates on the backend because if I load the query list page it shows an updated “last refreshed” time. However the query page itself does not update and I need to refresh it through the browser to see fresh information.

If I wrap the query in a dashboard with 1 widget in it, it refreshes as expected. Is this intended behavior?

Again, redash is super useful and I’m really happy with it, but I wanted to make sure our self-hosted version is behaving as expected.

Skyler Adams