Schema Refresh Failed

Hi guys, how are you?

I’m trying redash with Aws EMR presto with hive catalog in Glue. I’m able to running querys but redash don’t show tables on left side. I got only and error “Schema Refresh Failed”

Could you help me? Thank you

someone could help me with it?

Do you see any errors in your logs?

Might be related to an issue I’ve seen with a different query tool and AWS Athena/Glue catalog. Query tools like Redash usually query INFORMATION_SCHEMA to get data about tables and columns, but the Glue catalog will sometimes save a table definition that’s invalid, and when the query tool does something like “SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES” it gets an error. Note that some tools like the Athena UI use the “SHOW TABLES” / “SHOW COLUMNS” functions instead of looking at INFORMATION_SCHEMA so don’t encounter this problem.
Anyway the solution in my case was tracking down the invalid entries in INFORMATION_SCHEMA and fixing them up, which was a bit of a pain.