Select None for graphs

While, today, it is possible to individually select lines from the legend in a line graph (and have the item turn grey and the line disappear from the visualization), if there are a lot of lines it is a tedious process. It seems like it would be a very useful, and yet very easy, feature to allow a ‘select none’ button somewhere in the legend at the top that turns all the items to gray and allows the user to select individual lines at that point, in any combination.

Nice idea. Plotly controls trace visibility with the legend. This SO question discusses how to implement such a behavior.

That would probably work if it was obvious; I imagine many people would struggle to realize that was how it worked. I could also manage a little ‘unselect-all’ icon or text to do it.

Sure. I’m not suggesting that the SO topic is the right UI. Only that it details how to make Plotly do what you described. Of course that could be kicked off by a key shortcut or a button or a hover event.

The double clicking does not work for me in redash. It does in this plotly demo Did this get introduced in a specific version of plotly?

Which version? It works on SaaS Redash and open source at least as far back as V7.

Not a recent one. Plotly has done this for as long as I remember.

1.0.3 Seems pretty old, perhaps that is the issue.