Self Hosted GCP Reached Disk Limit

I have a self hosted Redash instance on Google’s Compute Engine which recently reached 100% storage usage. I have since resized the disk, rebooted the VM and restarted Docker. All of my containers run fine fine with the exception of redash_postgres_1 which keeps restarting. If I view the logs I see the following:

PostgreSQL Database directory appears to contain a database; Skipping initialization

LOG:  database system was shut down at 2020-01-23 16:09:48 UTC
LOG:  invalid primary checkpoint record
LOG:  invalid secondary checkpoint record
PANIC:  could not locate a valid checkpoint record
LOG:  startup process (PID 20) was terminated by signal 6
LOG:  aborting startup due to startup process failure
LOG:  database system is shut down

I have been trying to debug this and have seen that I should try pg_resetxlog, but I’m not quite sure how to run this command with the containers.

How should I run pg_resetxlog or is there another solution I should be trying?
Thanks in advance for your help!