Self hosted redash failing and recommendation

I am trying to set up my redash dashboard and mysql in the same instance.
I am getting frequent “Instance Status Checks” failure when i need to reboot the ec2 from the console, and i also needed to restart my mysql db once which went down. then everything is back to normal.

is this a problem due to me hosting the application and db in the same instance?
need some recommendation on some best practices.

A summary of the issue and the browser/OS environment in which it occurs.

  • Redash Version: 8.0.0+b32245
  • Browser/OS: Ubuntu 18.04 (instance type: t2.small)
  • How did you install Redash: git clone and ./setup

Sounds like your system is running out of resources. How much memory did you allocate to your instance?

im running a t2.small so 2gb of memory for both redash and mysql.
that does sound likely to be the root cause, maybe it’s a good idea to up the memory.
4gb should be good?

I’d give that a try. t2.small is fine for Redash and its associated services. But barely. An extra database in there might be sending it over the limit.


I’m running a dev instance on a t3.small (so still 2GB of memory). This one is running 8.0.0-beta+b28109 (non docker mode) and it is running “fine”.
I’ve another t3.small for dev, running the new AMI, so using docker, upgraded to latest 8.0.1+b33387 and I’m also experiencing issue (not related to latest fix release, behavior is the same since first 8.0.0 release).
I will update instance to grab 4GB memory and see how it behaves. Please share if you find anything else on your side.


I am also currently testing it with another 4gb mem instance. I will monitor closely and update here next week. but so far it seems to be working as expected.

running Redash alone takes up almost 2gb memory, tracing back the log of the mysql db that failed, it shows that it couldn’t allocate memory to it that’s why it got killed.

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Update as promised.

everything looks good after upgrading it to a 4gb mem instance to host redash and mysql, everything seems to be stable now.

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Thanks for the update.
I was running one still on T3.Small, and it has crashed this night. 2GB of ram is definitely too low. Will increase now to medium instance (so 4GB of ram).