Self hosted Redash with data persistance

Issue Summary

I want to create self hosted Redash instance. Everything works great except that there is no data persistence. This means when is docker-compose down my containers get deleted and I have set up Redash again from srcatch. I understand that a possible is to simply not shutdown the container and use docker-compose stop/start but I am currently running this setup as an experiment and will need to move if Redash works for me. Hence establishing this data persistence is super important for me.

If there was a simple way in which i could point a new Redash instance to an existing postgres db that would solve my issue.

I understand that this non-persistnace is a feature of how dockers work and my research seems to show two possible solutions to this:

  • Use a named volume - currently, the Redash Postgres creates unknown volumes and if i can create a local named volume, then I could get persistence. This I understand can be done my editing the yml file. I however can not figure out how.
  • Setting up a local Postgres db and have Redash point to this db. Since the db will be on the local machine and independent of the life-cycle of the container, I can have any new instance of Redash point to this same container.

I am unsure which, if either, is the right way to proceed and how to achieve either of these. As I have already stated, all I require is to have data persistence so that I can move my setup at will. Any alternative solution you can propose is welcome!

I am new to redash, dockers and containers so please bear with me if my question exposes my shockingly bad understanding of the underlying concepts.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 9.00 Beta
  • Browser/OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • How did you install Redash: Self hosted docker image - from the developer guide

Thanks in advance for your help,

Set REDASH_DATABASE_URL in your env to an external database.