Set up redash on serverless functions? (google cloud run)

Issue Summary

We are trying to get started with redash for managing and visualizing data. The usage is about 3~5 hours per day, and 3~5 days per week.

But all tutorials I can find is about hosting Redash on some kind of 7/24 server, which is expensive and too much for our use case,

Since it’s possible to install Redahs using Docker, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to host Redash on Google cloud run, which uses docker image to build VMs.

I think the concern here would be state management. Does Google Cloud Run obliterate the container when it’s not spun up? Typically “serverless” == “stateless”. So you could fire up Redash but all your queries and dashboards would disappear when the instance shut down.

Why not use a standard container hosting platform and just shut down the VM when not in use? Seems like that would be easier than shoehorning Redash into a serverless environment.