Setting Date & Time Range with DynamoDB and Unix Timestamp

Hello guys!!, I’m a very amateur/new user and I’m trying to get logs between a Date and Time Range from a DynamoDB where the date is in Unix Timestamp format. I’ve tried to use FROM_UNIXTIME() and other functions but I can’t get the results I need (I think this is because uses DQL instead of SQL?), I need to show logs between a date range with the Redash built-in date parameters. The timestamp() function is the only one that looks functional but it doesn’t accept strings as arguments to convert it to unix timestamp…, please, I really need to solve this, it is possible in an excel sheet, I supose I’m missing a lot for my little experience in the field, here is my code:

“uDate” is the column with the unix timestamps and “mensaje” is the column with the logs.
Thank you! Any help would be much appreciated.

DQL isn’t maintained anymore and was always a crippled experience with DynamoDB. It doesn’t implement almost any transformation functions.

I’d recommend using the DynamoDB data source only to pull data into Redash. Then use QRDS (which supports SQLite functions, including timestamp formatting) to parse and select from the data. Of course this won’t work if you have lots of data in your DynamoDB “tables”. In that case you would be better off using a proper intermediary ETL solution like Rockset.

Thank you very much, Rockset helped a lot!

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