Setting up dev local environment for Google auth


I’m trying to get Google OAuth setup locally. I’m using docker-compose on a Mac.

The instructions in the Redash documentation for “Setting Up a Redash Instance” are out of date (or at least don’t work as written for me). I’ve accomplished the goals listed there through other means, but I’m getting an error.

The settings variable needed isn’t being passed to the function so these lines are causing a failure: Specifically a
TypeError: OAuthRemoteApp requires consumer key and secret on settings.GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET.

Now, the settings variable is imported with: from redash import models, settings at the top of the file and trying to explicitly pass it to the function in ends in other errors.

Also, I can get to a state wrapping the oauth.remote_app() in a try/except block that gives this error:
server_1 | File “/app/redash/authentication/”, line 97, in login

server_1 | return google_remote_app().authorize(callback=callback, state=next_path)

server_1 | AttributeError: ‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘authorize’

I’d love a second set of eyes and any thoughts you may have on next troubleshooting steps when you get a chance.