Sharing query results as JSON with different parties

I need to share different query results as JSON with passing parameters by a link.
So I have like 10 reports and need to share them with 10 different 3rd parties.

What I see now is I can use in with only one API key queries/171/results.json?api_key=xxx

I believe I still can pass p_params into these URLs as each report has its own set of them.

The problem of the same API key for all reports I might fix by setting up a simple proxy with BASE AUTH on top of each Redash URL.

But the problem that such results also include service info with the query itself.
“query_result”: {
“retrieved_at”: “2020-02-04T15:58:38.402+03:00”,
“query_hash”: “2ce847bd9490aa21c803a9238248ee4d”,

Is it possible to avoid it with some parameters?

If that not possible: is there any other way to do what I need instead of using API?
I found this as an API usage example but didn’t try yet as I’m looking for the best “out of the box” option.

You are on the right track with this. A wrapper / proxy will do what you need. And you can use the redash-toolbelt library to make this easy. It’s about as close to “out of the box” as you can since we are the ones maintaining it :smiley: If you don’t want to include the indicative data from your queries then you can manually filter it before passing the response back to the client.