Show create table does not work in Redash

Hello folks,

The query SHOW CREATE TABLE DB.table does not work in Redash. However, in Athena the same query gives the result.

Is there a way to achieve desired behavior?

I had been searching over Github issues and this forum but I haven’t found any related topic. If there some, please share it :slight_smile:

I don’t know Athena. What should the result of this query be? Does it return rows?

Oh, of course. Sorry, I didn’t provide more details in the first post.
Basically, it returns DDL:

  `col1` string, 
  `col2` string, 
  `col3` string, 
  `col4` date, 

Thanks for clarifying :smiley:

Redash is only meant to run SELECT queries. It has no capability to display non-tabular results (might be a nice feature request though :wink: )

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Sounds great!
Could you please help me with how can I come up with the feature request? :slight_smile:

Sure :smiley: Just create a new topic in the Feature Requests portion of this forum. In your post body, please describe the feature briefly. Something like “Add a way to show non-tabular results from queries”. You can even use your example from Athena to illustrate that you would like a way for Redash to display this kind of information.

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The request has been created :tada: :smiley:
Thank you!

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Thank you so much! After the V10 release we’ll look to organize feature requests into a working plan for what to pursue and in which order.

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