Single Date Paremeter


I am using a single date parameter in my dashboard.
You can see the code below :

In my Database the date is in the format : 2019-05-09T09:36:10.153Z.
I want to take a date from the user end and display the data then according to it.


Your question is unclear. What you’re doing supposed to work: $humanTime will convert the user input to the format MongoDB expects.

You might not getting results, because you’re using $eq, but I guess _created_at is a timestamp? So you will only get results created at midnight.


@arikfr sir
In my database, “_created_at” field is of format -> 2019-05-09T09:36:10.153Z.
I want to filter the data based upon the date. Such that if anyone wants to see the data of date
09 May he would select the date 09/05/2019 from the date parameter and then the data will show according to it.