Currently, in redash when you fetch single row (by specific id) you get it in a table format.
If you have lots of columns, it will be much nicer to show it as table where left row is “Column Name” and the right
is “Value”.

Example in PL/SQL: https://www.allroundautomations.com/images/pls110sqlcomments.png

I can submit Pull Request if you like this idea.


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I’m not sure how I feel about having this as default behavior for a single row result, but you are very welcome to implement this as a new visualization type.

There should be - by default you will have table results, and if you want you can click some button.
Let me know what you think about this approach, if you don’t like it - I will create new visualization as a PR

Let’s start with a separate visualization. We can always merge them later. Thanks!

Along these lines, something like psql’s expanded display (example) would be a great option to be able to set a table to use.

Particularly helps where you have a few rows but many columns.

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Any update or forks or PR’s that implement something like this ?
IMHO this is the “Missing Link” to opening up Redash into a much bigger space possible. applications.
The “generic” classic case for this is viewing a master/detail record aka “The Invoice”
Imagine a simple dashboard with a table view on top and a detail view on the bottom

Line Item|  Part | Description  | Qty | Amount | subtotal | Taxable ...

Then click on the any "Line Item" and the bottom fills with a "Form View" of one line,
Typical is if there is too many or too big of fields to show in 1 line so only a partial set is in the table.

Line Item:    1                                                                  Price:        $10.00
Part:            3340591                                                      Color:         Green
Description:  A Line Item Description     


A way to “Hack” this now is to have a SQL query that returns HTML – but that is still squished into a row format – ugly for this, and requires mutliple widgets
A slightly better way would be to enhance the Number widget to be able to display a single Text field
Then you could build up the details as tiles
Still tedious requiring a widget per field
A slight improvement would be an improved or new Text Block widget which has an associated query and allows substituted placeholders using some templating engine (mustache, velocity, simple {{field}})
That would allow creating a nice looking detail page.
The Holy Grail would be a smart ‘One Page Form’ widget which was smart like the table widget but shows only 1 row, possibly in columns.

I believe with this addition alone, Redash could then be an entire application for read-only data.
As is – having only tabular or graphical visualizations theres now way to achieve a master/detail or even a detail view of data, which puts a huge brick wall on the set of uses possible.

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I was planning on implementing something like the Postgres extended display as an example of a new visualization, but your idea of a text block widget associated with a query is also a good one!

I will update here if I get to this any time soon.

Of course, PRs are welcomed :slight_smile: Note that new visualizations should be implemented with React.

I started working on both the details/expanded view visualization and markdown template visualization:

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Awesome start. FYI: bit of a catch 22 – but the reason I like Redash is precisely because I don’t want to have to learn new client side frameworks all the time. So very happy someone else is.
Maybe Ill poke at it and see if it jumps :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, while the front end world moves fast, we don’t :slight_smile: Until recently we were using Angular.js, which we started with 5 years ago. We do switch to React now, but have no plans to move from it in the foreseeable future.

What I’m trying to say is that you can contribute to Redash without burning out :wink:

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Thank you ! wow. That is a rare and refreshing tidbit of sanity in an otherwise insane and chaotic world. I personally try for a 10 year technology stack EOL – but only achieve that in a few general cases – a 5 year ‘technology refresh’ period is sane and I’d even be OK with 3 it was important enough.
I believe you accomplished your goal – i.e. I wont give up yet – knowing theres some ‘breathing room’ and a good chance the learning/time/attention investment may be worth it.

I started working on both the details/expanded view visualization and markdown template visualization:

that’s awesome! :sunny:

any news about this?

Hi @povilla, in the hosted version and from Redash v8 beta there is a new visualization type called Details View :ok_hand::

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Hi, currently trying to use this on v10 however it doesn’t appear to have any configuration options i.e. I can’t hide any fields.

Am I missing something?