Slack alert setup but not getting triggered

Redash version : Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e)

Slack alert has been setup through Redash in the slack channel based on the reference link : Get Started | Slack(Get Started | Slack

Got a notification in Slack channel as well : added an integration to this channel

However the notification is not getting triggered. The status in the alert section is still showing as UNKNOWN.

Alert Setup :

Alert Status :

To add on, the query does not have any parameters. Refer to the screenshot for the query.

When did you last execute the query?

This seems to be working fine now. Had triggered the query earlier and had run the query as well, but wasn’t able to generate any alert.

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Hi @Jesse :
The alert has been triggered, however the Redash dashboard is not refreshing at any set frequency. There is an option to set it up Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e), however it doesn’t work.

Since the dashboard doesn’t refresh, the alert does not get triggered when it’s required.

Kindly suggest on this.

Redash doesn’t have a background refresh feature for dashboards. Only for queries. If you use the refresh option on the dashboard screen it only applies while the dashboard is open and focused in your browser (this is intended for public display boards e.g.).

If you want the queries to execute in the background you can add refresh schedules to the queries in question.

Is there a way to print the metric value as an alert message ? let’s say we say that a metric going below 50% needs to be alerted. but it could go even goto 20%, so would help if there’s a way to print the value while the alert is generated.

Currently, there’s a query and alert link which also goes to slack, but on clicking there, it lands to a page with an error message as shared in the screenshot below.

You can use a custom alert message template for this if you want.

The reason you see an error when you visit the link is that your DNS server doesn’t know how to find your Redash instance. You should be able to add a DNS rule to your router to address that.

That’s great to know, though I have been trying.

Could you suggest if the custom alert template is possible here ? have shared the screenshot of the alert settings. If possible, kindly suggest on how to go about it.

Custom alert templates were introduced in V9.

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Thanks again Jesse, that really helps. Just to clarify, do we just have the Beta released for v9 , or the full version as well ?
In that case will upgrade from V8 to V9, until V10 is released.

There was never a full release of V9 :frowning: but if there had been it would be identical to the beta. V9 beta is extremely stable.

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