Slack Webhook URL turn into "--------" after saved, still working

After created slack alert, URL like in “Slack Webhook URL”, the string turn into “--------”.
The alert works well, though.

I migrated from V7 to self hosted V8.
I also updated V8 to V10.

Any idea to fix this?

A couple things here: runs a modified version of V9 (not V7).

When you migrate from to OSS, the secret fields are not transfered. That includes the webhook URL for slack alerts. This is lightly addressed in the redash-migrate documentation for moving data sources. But the same applies for alert destinations.

This step is necessary because redash-migrate uses the Redash REST API which never sends secret data source fields in plain text. It’s a security measure to prevent exfiltration of your organisation’s database credentials should a hostile party obtain an admin API key.

You need to get the webhook URL from Slack and enter it into your OSS instance.

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Thanks, @jesse for security matter around migration.
I will set all the URL manually.

You need to get the webhook …
As you say, I am entering webhook URL from Slack into my OSS instance, but,
adding “New Alert Destination” or editting existing also make Webhook URL field into “--------”.

Are there another problem?

No this is normal. It happens with all your data source passwords too. This is just what is being displayed to you. But the real value is encrypted and saved to the metadata db for use. When you test the webhooks do they work?

Yes, the alert works well.
Ok, I tell team it is normal!

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