Snowflake support in version 4


Issue Summary

Hi everyone
Looking for some help with enabling Snowfalke on our recently installed redash ami. I have looked throught his forum and followed what advice is here.

A runner was installed in query_runners by default

I have modified my .env file to include

Restarted Apache and I still can’t see Snowflake as an available data source.

Any pointers ?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version:4.00
  • Browser/OS:
  • How did you install Redash: Bitnami


I have verified that the connector is intalled on my redash server.

But still no luck. Does redash support snowflake or not ?


Anybody ? @arikfr

Just looking for a position as to whether Snowflake is supported or not.

I can verify the Snowflake connector is working on the redash server, but the query_runner fails when attempting to import the snowflake.connector. Therefore it never gets enabled


You need to install their Python connector (pip install snowflake-connector-python) along with enabling the query runner.

Now a word of caution: I removed snowflake-connector-python from our default builds, because it seemed to have dependencies that collide with our other dependencies. I think they changed these in some of the newer versions of their library, so we might enable it by default later on.

If you end up installing snowflake-connector-python and use this in your environment, I will appreciate if you report back if you stumbled at any issues or whether it’s safe to add back to the default builds.



We have installed the snowflake-connector-python and verified this is working on our redash server.

The query_runner fails on importing the connector

    import snowflake.connector
enabled = True
    except ImportError:
enabled = False

Can you point me to where I might find the logs to see any potential dependency collisions ?