Issue Summary

I set up a AWS Athena data source in a AWS-hosted redash instance. Whenever I try to refresh the schema, it fails. The error is. “Schema refresh failed. Please try again later”. If I look into the network traffic, the “schema” endpoint returns

{“error”: {“message”: “Error retrieving schema.”, “code”: 2}}, but also a 200 status code

I tried looking into the server logs at /var/log/supervisor, but didn’t find anything. I wasn’t sure what exactly to look out for though.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: Redash 4.0.1+b4038
  • Browser/OS: Chrome, OSX
  • How did you install Redash: ami image + update to 4.0.1

Turns out there was something wrong with the metadata of one the tables in the Athena schema. Deleting the offending table fixed the issue.

@ellenk ,

Please how did you identify that the problem was with Athena schema?

Thank you!

HI @ericsousa,

I found the issue by trying to query the Athena schema from the AWS web console. There, I got an error message to that effect.