Some static files not found

Issue Summary

Recently installed a new instance of Redash running v10.0.0-beta.b49597 with REDASH_MULTI_ORG=true in the env file. A number of images do not load, and I believe it’s because ‘static/images/illustrations/dashboard.svg’ is missing a starting ‘/’ because when I change ‘static/images/illustrations/dashboard.svg’ to ‘/static/images/illustrations/dashboard.svg’ the images load. See below.

Before Change

After Change

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 10.0.0-beta.b49597
  • Browser/OS: Google Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107
  • How did you install Redash: docker-compose

Does this reproduce if you disable multi_org?

It does not. I believe that it’s the relative nature of the path to the image. Without the slash the path to the image is {domain}/{slug}/static/images/illustrations/dashboard.svg and when the slash gets added, the path becomes {domain}/static/images/illustrations/dashboard.svg.

I also tested it with having my REDASH_HOST=https://{domain} and REDASH_HOST=https://{domain}/ (the introduction of a trailing slash. This made no difference.

Gotcha. What’s your use-case for multi org?

The reason I ask is that we plan to deprecate it in a future release. Originally we added it to help us run our hosted service, which is shutting down in a few months. But even when it was under development we intentionally didn’t document, recommend, or support it for general multi-tenant use because the implementation isn’t that flexible. It’s tweaked for our specific use-case. I’m not aware of any organisation that uses multi org…

We are wanting to run it for multiple businesses in our group. So keep their data separate but run it from one central instance, which makes maintaining and upgrading easy. Our other option would be to spin up multiple instances of redash but would prefer to use Multi Org to make our lives easy.

We’ve also scripted the addition of new businesses whenever we have needed to add them, so it would be disappointing to see multi org deprecated.

Thanks for clarifying. The goal is to implement a stronger permissions model that will satisfy your use case along with embedded analytics (where multiple users can share the same queries and dashboards but see different data based on some unique ID). I think everyone agrees these are valuable use-cases. And we want to support them. Multi org just isn’t the way to solve for it going forward.

Thanks for letting me know Jesse, is it possible not to deprecate multi org until those permissions are in place? For those of us that run multi org, it would be nice to maintain it until the new permissions model is ready to go.

Also, would it be possible to get this fixed so that we can continue using redash in the interim?

I can’t guarantee that. But I expect the two will happen at the same time like you describe :+1:

You are welcome to patch your instance. Since this isn’t a feature we support we won’t make any changes to our repo.