Specific queries does not running as scheduled


Most of my queries run as scheduled,
but some specific queries does not run (are not being updated as scheduled).
While I run them manually, they update.

i tried to change their scheduled hour, delete and create them again,
but it did not work.

i’m using Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e).
any idea what should i do?

Do they use parameters?

hey @susodapop,
these queries does not use any parameters, only the : multi-filter format
( e.g : app as “app_name::multi-filter” ).

anything else i can try to fix it?

@susodapop any update on this?
this issue happens in multiple queries, and it forces me to update them manually on a daily basic,

hi. I also would like to know update on this issue.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any information to go on and I can’t reproduce your issue. What other information do you have about these queries? What kind of data source do they connect to? Are you certain they don’t use parameters?

hey @susodapop,
“these queries does not use any parameters, only the : multi-filter format”,

i see that these queries joins tables with views, do you think it could be the issue?
(using Views in the query)

Probably not. If that were a problem, why do they execute normally on the Query screen?

that true,
what else can we check?
can i send a log or any of that sort , that will help you understand the issue?