Specifying a timeframe for a dashbaord


I am not sure whether the following is possible (perhaps it is and I just did not find the right way to do it):

I have a dashbaord with several charts. In all charts the x-axis is a timeline. I want to to be able to “ask” the dashbaord to show the same time frame in all charts (e.g. 1: have all charts show data only from the last 2h; e.g. 2: have all charts show data between two specific dates)

Ideally I want this to be carried through to the underlying queries feeding those charts. In other words: to be able to customize the queries with the timeframe such that the data source will handle the timeframe filtering on its own (much more efficient than having the query return all datapoints and then doing the timeframe filtering at the chart-rendering level)


You can use a parameter to set the date range you want to query. Since v5, there is an option to configure a Datetime Range parameter (it wasn’t available in previous releases).