Sqlserver quert_runner tds_version

Issue Summary

  • connectting to sqlserver (2016/2017 in my case) successfully
  • query some data such as Russian string form the database
  • results return unreadable code

for example:
origin string is ‘200-01НАДР-201’,
redash returned string is ‘200-01§¯§¡§¥§²-201’

And I try to find out the reason and change the default tds_version to 7.1, the query result returned correct string.

And I find some instruction about the tds_version on the Internet:

It shows that the tds_version 7.0 supported sqlserver 7.0 which is not adapted to mine for the Russian or Japanese string and so on.

So perhaps it might make the defult tds_version to 7.1 to avoid the problem, it works well in my case so far.