I am having trouble with loading some files like jquery.js and icons. I have followed the instructions on Docker Dev Guide and apart from some problems with CRLF/LF linebreaks it all went smoothly. Server is up and running at port 5000 and webpack is running at port 8080. But, some elements on initial setup page will not load and I am getting the errors below in the attached image.

I am pretty new to this whole scene so I might have done something obvious that should not have been done but I have tried everything I knew.

I am using Windows 10. Node and npm is up-to-date.

Hey @Ozencb I think this usually happens when neglecting to run npm run build.

Hello. I did build it before starting it. Output looks like this:

The same happens if you access the webpack server instead? (http://localhost:8080)

8080 works fine, assets load successfully.

Nice :slight_smile:. Then I’m not that sure why npm run build didn’t make assets available (perhaps some issue with the command).

For development purposes you can use localhost:8080. It’s also likely that after it worked in there, it will also work if you come back to localhost:5000 now.

I’m having the same issues! Really don’t know whatelse to do. I’m using Docker with Windows 10, can anyone please help me?

All my containers are here in this pic. None of the ports opens with style.

Have you run yarn build to build the front-end assets?

Good one, that’s it. But now I’m having another trouble (Windows 10):

Have you googled for this error? Doesn’t seem like an issue with Redash…

Looking at this more closely it seems the problem is your shell on Windows does not support the rm command (which is normal in cmd.exe since rm is a unix command). You’ll need to use a shell which supports rm. I believe the new windows terminal can do it. Else you can do it with WSL.

Yes, I’m having an internal problem here inside the company because it’s not allowed to access the Microsoft Store, and I have a Windows 10 machine. That would be necessary to use WSL, for example. So, there should be a second option.

I wish I had a better answer for you. None of the Redash devs use Windows (for exactly this kind of reason). I’m not sure anyone here can help you debug it.

Yeah, I could imagine that. I’m still a huge fan of Redash, gonna use it in other projects for sure. Thanks anyway <3

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