Status of the new Elasticsearch runner, based on pull request #4391?

Issue Summary

I have been looking at V10 Redash (installed today) and my primary use case is with Elasticsearch. I found the pull request #4391 and was wondering what it’s status was?

I appreciate any info you can provide!


Development appears to be stalled.

We in the core team don’t use ElasticSearch and have no environment to test against. Are you able to verify that the PR in it’s current state works on your instance?

Let me know if you need a hand testing it, as it will require running our devloop so you can work with the code in the PR.

I am happy to test it for the community. We are very active with elasticsearch so it’s not a stretch. If you have any particular test cases you need reviewed, we would be happy to help with those.

I haven’t attempted to apply the code in the PR to my server. I will ask one of my devs to look at what it takes and will reach out if we need assistance.



Is there a docker image that holds the latest dev branch I can load for testing?

Just curious.


Awesome! :pray:

We do have a docker tag that’s always up to date with the master branch. But it won’t help here because the PR hasn’t merged into master. You’ll need to run our devloop and then checkout the PR branch. It’s pretty straightforward if you have docker on your system. Feel free to DM me if you have issues with it.