Store a dashboard

We use a dashboard to show the performance of our game in past 24 hours,
the data source is big query. I hope the dashboard could be saved or exported as a report, hance we can compare the data between days.

Redash is just a front-end for your database. It doesn’t store consecutive results like this and such a feature will not be added. Instead, you should write queries to compare data from one day to the next. Redash can visualize the result.

AS @susodapop said, Redash is a data visualisation tool, so the data needs to exist in your database not in Redash.

One option for you with BigQuery is to create a Stored Procedure that selects a snapshot of the data for your dashboard and appends it to a history table, along with the time of the snapshot. You can schedule this to run on a daily basis using your own code or scheduling system, or as a Scheduled Query.

Once you have a history of the dashboard data you’ll be able to create whatever historical comparison queries you need and be able to display trends etc. in Redash.

thank you guys for the responses. store data back to bigquery is good idea and I shoud do this.