Stripe (+Billing) Integration

Hello there!

@Redash team, do you have any plans regarding Stripe as a data-source integration? Especially Stripe billing?

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While we would love to support Stripe better (we’re Stripe users too), we currently don’t have such plans. Stripe doesn’t really have a query API, so it’s less likely anything useful can be done without actually storing the data elsewhere.

But I might be wrong :sweat_smile: Can you elaborate on how you wanted to use such integration?

Also, one possible workaround is to use something like Stitch to load data from Stripe into a database and then query it from Redash.

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Hey Arik, thanks for your quick reply!
Stripe does provide a query API in the sense that you could query its resources using filters (like payments, payouts, subscriptions, etc.) => For example :
It could be a mix of MongoDB and GoogleAnalytics “kinda” query:
“resource”: “subscriptions”,
“filter”: {
“customer”: “cus_FHGkt64ikHKpqt”,

What do you think?