Sub-filtering, filters based upon filters

I have 3 tables


region | country
bc canada
alberta canada
wales uk
england uk
california usa

(C )
region | city
california los angeles
england london
bc vancouver

now I would like to query each table with a query parameter, where the contents of the query parameter is driven by the selection of the previous filter - essentially allowing the user quickly drill down from country (A) to region (B) to city (C ) while being only presented the applicable options

using a shared, dashboard level query parameter to drive the contents of subsequent filter boxes does not seem to work :frowning:

how would you set something like that up (I am using postgres)


Redash can’t do drilldown like this because it doesn’t have a way to pass parameters from one query into another parameterized query like this automatically.

There is an open feature request for it: Observable query based dropdown list

Thank you for the explanation! Will monitor that feature request!