Suggestion in installator : variable installation system


I have a suggestion in the script file
the script seems to be destinated to an install in an Ubuntu system… I dont know why and that appears to be unjustified

sudo add-apt-repository deb [arch=amd64]**ubuntu** $(lsb_release -cs) stable

since the lsb_release output is variable if you run the script on a Debian or a Mint distribution … you will write a false repository “ubuntu xxxx” in the apt/source.list file
and the script will fails

I have successfully installed redash on a Debian and Mint system by modifying this line,

so my suggestion is not not to hard coding “ubuntu” il the setup file and getting the the system name and the good repository from lsb_release -d for instance… or something else equivalent
and an error message if the system is not supported

hope this helps


Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll look into incorporating this later this month.