Sunburst Sequence Error



We are trying to create Sunburst Sequence with the next result table

Sankey works fine but when we try Sunburst nothing appears.

Having a look to the Javascript console it always appears the same exception:

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'o.children.push')
(anonymous function) — sunburst.js:336
(anonymous function) — sunburst.js:320
h — sunburst.js:314
v — sunburst.js:363
b — sunburst.js:371
s — sunburst.js:375
link — index.js:11
be — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:40613
f — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:33023
a — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:28669
(anonymous function) — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:28200
(anonymous function) — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:162680
i — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:830
(anonymous function) — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:162653
$digest — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:73882
$apply — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:75392
(anonymous function) — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:165463
dispatch — vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:24:34596

	value (app.ba9dc55e81234f6da100.js:1:12553)
	(anonymous function) (app.ba9dc55e81234f6da100.js:1:77056)
	be (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:40635)
	f (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:33023)
	a (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:28669)
	(anonymous function) (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:28200)
	(anonymous function) (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:162680)
	i (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:830)
	(anonymous function) (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:162653)
	$digest (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:73882)
	$apply (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:75392)
	(anonymous function) (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:37:165463)
	dispatch (vendor.b4c2690f430b3f7d2c4a.js:24:34596)

We are using Redash 4.0.0-rc.1.


I haven’t check the code yet. But based on a glance on your table, it seems like the table content is the problem.
For example, the duplicated combination of register, payer, payer, payer, payer does not seems right.
You might want to try to format your data before applying visualization.