I’d love to help create support for byte arrays from postgres. Has this been tried before? Any pointers to where to start in the codebase?


I’m curious about the use case for bytearrays in a data visualization tool. Could you clarify how this would be used?


We run and operate databases with Ethereum data in it. A lot of that data is encoded naturally as hex encoded bytearrays. Our usecase is simply that a lot of our data is stored as byte arrays, and we’d like redash to support visualising it in e.g. tables.

I think the fix would be simple (0x prefixing and hex encoding).

I don’t remember if it’s in v6 already or only in master (you can check the changelog), but there is already support for bytearrays.

Sounds great, would you mind pointing me to the relevant documentation or code?

I was looking at this section: https://github.com/getredash/redash/blob/23908edc284600b9c1ac0b835289b78d337f5a44/redash/query_runner/init.py#L37-L44, and from it it looks like byte arrays are not supported?

The relevant code is in our JSON serialization code:


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Showing my n00b status but I would not have thought to look there. But this is a nice implementation because it de facto supports bytes-like return values from any database, not just Postgres.

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Awesome. I’ll try it out. Do you know the correct path to version 6 on google storage?
For reference version 5.0.2 is according to this page at gs://redash-images/redash.5.0.2-b5486-build2.tar.gz

We haven’t built a v6 image yet… But you can run an upgrade.

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Hi, any update about the v6 image? I want to go straight to redash v6