Support empty parameters


It would be very helpful if a query parameter can be left empty and the query could still be started.

We would like to use this in a WHERE clause. If left empty we would not filter for that value at all.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE (’{{month}}’ IS NULL OR month = ‘{{month}}’)


I am also using the parameters to filter a field but I want the option to leave the parameter empty and not got any filter of the data.
For example - I have a list of orgs and I have a parameter that filter only the org that I need.
I want the option that if the parameter box is empty, I will see all the orgs.
Is there a solution for that?


This could be a very useful feature - especially when dealing with multiple query parameters in a single query.
Currently each of the query parameters should have a specific value, while in most use cases the user would like to specify only 1 or 2 parameters.


The following bypass work (even though it’s not aesthetic in UX terms):

In the where clause inside the query:

WHERE param ~ ‘{{param}}’

Then add
to the drop-down list.