Table view sorts numbers incorrectly

I’m on version: 7.0.0+b18042

I have a simple table visualization for an Oracle query to display customer sales numbers. When I try to sort the table in the dashboard by any of the columns containing dollar amounts it turns out something like this:


In the visualization each column is set to number with the number format being $0,0.00

Not sure if this is a bug, or something not configured correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is the output of the query is just numbers and then you format them with the sign or does it come as a value with a sign from the database?

The output is just numbers, sign is added in the formatting. I’ve tried removing the $ from the formatting as well, same issue…

I just added another column to the query with number of sales. When sorting by that column it sorts properly, even if I change the number format to $0,0.00 as if it were a dollar amount. The dollar amount column sorts as described above no matter what number format or display type I apply. I’ve applied the following formats:


The only difference I can see in the two fields’ raw data is the decimal.

Hope that helps.


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