The runtime and Last executed At fields have no parameters when the query completes

Issue Summary

I have a query issue on redash. Some of the query tasks I have scheduled are everyday, then the Runtime and Last Executed At fields still return results and show but for some other query tasks, the two fields above do not appear to be empty and empty. But when I entered the query manually press it still shows the runtime and retrieves the data successfully updated. I hope everyone will help me in this case. Thank you all so much.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version:
  • Browser/OS: MacOS
  • How did you install Redash: pull to github, after that checkout, install and run docker .

Do all your queries use the same data source?

Do you see execution time and duration on the query_results table of the metadata database?

i have see it !

but when I go out this page after that it still blank.

meanwhile some other tags are still working!

Seems like the sync_user_details job might be failing on your instance. Do you see any record of it in your logs?

If your queries use parameter then you won’t see the runtime or last executed information. The sync_user_details job doesn’t apply here. I mistook the query list screen for the user list screen.