Trino not showing schema

We are also experiencing the same issue. We have a trino cluster deployed on EMR, with a dockerized Redash on EC2. Oddly, we have an accompanying Presto connection as well, which targets the same metastore (which points to our datalake on s3).

The Presto connection tab loads the schemas quite quickly, even querying “show schemas” is nearly instantaneous.

The Trino connection tab shows the loading circle for half a second, then it vanishes. Querying “show schemas” directly yields results even faster (our trino cluster is beefier), so it’s odd the side exploration tab won’t load for Trino but it will for Presto.

In the network tab of my browser, I’m able to see /api/jobs/3338afe9-40d9-434a-8972-836a714375f7 is queried with a GET multiple times [50+]. Switching between connections, it can also begin to stall out. Searching the logs,

[2022-07-13 19:01:36,206][PID:15][INFO][rq.worker] schemas: 3338afe9-40d9-434a-8972-836a714375f7

[2022-07-13 19:03:50,078][PID:360][INFO][rq.worker] schemas: Job OK (3338afe9-40d9-434a-8972-836a714375f7)

Let me know if there’s any additional information I can contribute.

Excellent write up thanks.

The big question is how many schemas + tables + columns does your Trino catalog house?

Note that the schema browser does more than running a fast query. It also parses that info into a tree, renders it, and passes it to the autocomplete parser.

@michael-romero , were you able to figure something out for this issue?
@jesse , can I specify a list of schemas to fetch?