Hi there

I have just upgraded server to latest version and I am finding trouble to manage users.

  1. Admin cannot remove users (I think this has already been reported?)
  2. Admin user cannot set a default password, making it required to be sent by email for the first time access.

Also, I would like to ask: which is the best way to configure mail server if there is no registered domain associated to the server IP?


I’m hoping to add ability to disable/remove users in one of the next versions.

As for setting default password – while it’s better to have emails setup, it’s not really mandatory. When you create the user, the system shows you the invite link which you can pass on to the user yourself.

The best way to configure a mail server is to use a service like MailGun. They have a generous free tier of 10K/mo messages which should be more than enough for Redash.

Thanks for your answer!
And please keep on with this good work :slight_smile: