Trouble with setup of fresh AWS AMI instance

Issue Summary

Hello friends,

I just deployed a self-hosted instance of redash using the AMI image in the AWS marketplace. Per the docs (, the first time I visit the server IP I should be able to setup an initial admin user. However, I am taken directly to /login, without being able to create an initial user.

Am I missing something in the docs? Should I perhaps ssh into the server and setup a user using the CLI?

Thanks in advance!

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: unknown
  • Browser/OS: ubuntu
  • How did you install Redash: AWS AMI image 2 dec 2020

I found the issue: instead of using the AWS AMI image linked in the docs, I had simply searched for “redash” in the AWS AMI marketplace, and chosen the Bitnami certified redash image.

Lesson learned: read the docs carefully!


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Note to future readers: Bitnami images are not provided by the Redash devs and have many, many issues. Don’t use them :wink:

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