Tutorial on aggregating google sheet data?


Hi everyone,

Newbie on Redashs here. I’m on a free account on :app.redash.io: and trying to connect to my google sheet and then do some aggregation. I managed to get my query working for my google sheet (although the query runs quite slow), and then lost on how to build a query over that for aggregation. I checked documentation on Query Results and thought I could achieve it with a query like follows:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM query_81654 a;

, where 81654 is the id of my google sheet import query. The query was created under a “Query Results(Beta)” data source. When I ran the query it spun for a few minutes and finally gave me this error:

Error running query: near "-": syntax error


Any hint? Thanks!


It seems like something’s not right with your original data on spreadsheet,
since you don’t have “-” in your query.


Right, the error message doesn’t seem to match my query. I’m not sure what kind of restrictions there are for google sheet, my sheet works well both within google sheets as well as excel.


Apologies for the cryptic error message, but usually these kind of errors (with the Query Results query runner) imply some issue with the column names. Do you have any columns in your spreadsheet that have - in them?

Btw, as a app.redash.io user you can also ask us via the Contact Us button in the menu. Although we actually appreciate you using the forum (as this makes the info public). So you’re welcome to keep using it, but if you need more timely responses just ping us via Contact Us with the forum thread URL for quicker response :slight_smile: