when i try to connect i keep gettng
global name ‘cassandra’ is not defined

This is a bug we fixed on master already. What happens is that you have an error during connection and it hits usage of an imported exception class.

Possible solutions:

  • In /opt/redash/current/redash/query_runner/cass.py remove special handling of cassandra.cluster.Error.
  • Replace /opt/redash/current/redash/query_runner/cass.py with its version on master.


This thread came up when I had the same error message and searched for info, but the answers given didn’t help me. I found the issue eventually. I’m running Cassandra 3.6, and the cassandra-driver currently available is version 3.4.1.

However, for some reason I had version 2.2.0 of cassandra-driver installed. I understand the table schema_keyspaces has been renamed/moved in later versions, so that explains why the old driver didn’t get the results it expected and bailed out.