Unable to execute queries after migrating to v8.0

After we updated our redash v7 to redash v8 (Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e)) I started getting the same error for all queries (old and new, with and without parameters, in all DBs):

Error running query: execute_query() takes at most 6 arguments (7 given)

I found an earlier report on this on github for someone who had the v7 version and it was solved by migrating to the newest docker image, but I already have the latest :confused:

Any ideas on how to solve this?


You didn’t update the worker containers with the new image or they didn’t restart.

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Spot on!
We checked and worker was still on v7. Both are not on latest version and it works like a charm.
Thanks, Arik!

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Isn’t Umbraco a .NET CMS system?

Yes it is. That account has been spamming the forum and has been suspended.