Understanding query limits & database size

Issue Summary

Hi! I finished independently-hosted Docker setup for Redash V10, and used the migration scripts to migrate off of redash.io.

I am trying to understand query & database limits in this independently-hosted world. Excuse me as I am new to Docker. Are there no more limits on number of queries & dashboards? Where is DB size configured, and how can we identify whether the DB size is approaching its limit?

Thank you so much for all of your patience and help as our organization navigates the self-hosting and migration process! This community has been great.

Technical details:

Correct. OSS Redash does not impose artifiical limits on the number of queries, dashboards, minimum refresh schedule etc.

Which database are you referring to? Your database where you store data? Or Redash’s internal postgres data where it stores query results?

Referring to Redash’s internal postgres data :slight_smile:

You can limit the size of this database using conventional docker settings.

If no limit is configured, is there a default or does it just continuously scale up?

I believe Docker always imposes a limit. It’s just a question of your system setting. Redash doesn’t control this at all. This is more of a docker question than a Redash question :smiley:

That’s fair, thanks Jesse. On a related note, what does the archiving function do in the context of helping internal postgres data size? Does it help to archive unused queries since the query results no longer need to be saved/cached?

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Archiving a query does the following:

  • Stop any scheduled executions
  • Hides it from the list and search views
  • Disables any embeds that depend on it

Its query results will be purged from the metadata database after a period of time.