Unexpected Error when calling redash results API from Google Appscripts

Hello everyone,

I’ve using the redash API to obtain query_results for 6 months now with the same code from google appscripts. Since yesterday the code stopped working giving the following message:

Exception: Unexpected error: https://redash.my_url.com/api/queries/query_num/results.csv?api_key='API KEY'

The code I’m using from google appscripts is the following:

url = https://redash.my_url.com/api/queries/query_num/results.csv?api_key=my_api_key
function RedashGetData(url) {
   var options = {
         "method" : "get"
   return UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options).getContentText()

I have not changed anything in the code, it just stopped working. I haven’t seen any changes in the documentation either.

Can you help me? Thank you very much!

I’m guessing this is related:

It’s not a change on the Redash side. Google has a bug somewhere and it’s affecting many things, not just Redash:

Change the format from csv to json.

Works 100% for me