Unexpected results with mysql large integers


Hi! We’re using the self-hosted redash (version 4.0.0-rc.1+b3791) and it works very well. Thanks!

I had a query return an unexpected result today so I thought I’d check here. When I connect to a mysql server and run “select 6594359053051040788;” the result is 6,594,359,053,051,040,768 which is off by 20 (note that it ends with 68 instead of 88). Is there an explanation for this? Note that if I cast the result to a string I get the correct result.

Any explanation appreciated.


Hi there,

Redash converts retrieved data into json (javascript) to store and handle results. And javascript has precision limitation.


Thanks for the info! Being unable to handle the full range that the database engine supports seems like a pretty severe limitation - do you know of any workaround besides casting the values to a string?