Unexpected two decimals rounding in query result

Hi there !
Getting unexpected two decimals rounding in query -
“SELECT rate FROM interest_rates” returns me for example 0.03
“SELECT rate::varchar(255) FROM interest_rates” returns 0.0345

Is this expected behaviour ?
Version: 8.0.2+b37747 (a9d7ca43)

Similar behaviour has been reported in 2015 as well

Is there a chance this issue still not resolved?

The issue you linked was with the table visualisation and was fixed. It’s not clear from what you shared whether your rounding issue is the visualisation or the query runner or the database itself. Run the query SELECT rate FROM interest_rates and look at the network request in your network inspector. Is the result rounded or un-rounded?

I checked the same query SELECT rate FROM interest_rates
in pgadmin and via psql - both return un-rounded 0.0345

Aslo I checked in Redash versions 8.0.2+b37747 and 10.0.0-beta.b49597
both return rounded value 0.03

Thanks. There’s no problem here. The table visualisation defaults at two decimal points of precision. You can increase it from the visualisation editor.

Amazing !
Thanks Jesse !

Maybe it is possible to tune somehow default Table visualisation as well ?

You can modify the default here.

Thanks a lot again, Jesse !