I would like to update Amazon Athena driver to a newer version (AthenaJDBC41-1.0.1.jar).

It presents many improvements and bug fixes, for example:
* JDBC query cancellation.
* Better JDBC query performance with page-size improvements.

If I get positive feedback I would be happy to collaborate by making a PR to redash-amazon-athena-proxy


@arikfr what do you think about this ? could it be this improved be moved to trello dashboard? I will be happy to make a PR of it

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we are struggling since some athena queries got stuck in saving_results phase and it stops all the other scheduled queries. We need to cancel queries manually by accessing the nodes and purging celery workers which is not best solution.

By having the cancellation option would help us a lot

Redash v2.0.0 was just released and it includes a direct Athena query runner, that doesn’t need the proxy. I’ve been using it for some time now and it seems much more stable than the proxy based solution.

Give it a go and see if it helps with the stuck queries issue.