Update Dashboard from API, properties json field

Simple question, but can’t find relevant documentation for the API, so thought I would ask here. Below is how I look at a dashboard I made in the front-end:

from redash_toolbelt import Redash
redash_host = ‘http://01.234.567.89
api_key = ‘my_api_key
slug = ‘my-dashboard-name’
client = Redash(redash_host, api_key)
current_dashboard = client.dashboard(slug)

If I then look at a text widget with current_dashboard['widgets'][0], I see something like this:

{‘text’: ‘##Snapshot’,
‘created_at’: ‘2020-08-12T21:18:23.171Z’,
‘updated_at’: ‘2020-08-12T21:18:37.316Z’,
‘options’: {‘position’: {‘autoHeight’: False,
‘sizeX’: 6,
‘sizeY’: 3,
‘maxSizeY’: 1000,
‘maxSizeX’: 6,
‘minSizeY’: 1,
‘minSizeX’: 1,
‘col’: 0,
‘row’: 0},
‘isHidden’: False,
‘parameterMappings’: {}},
‘dashboard_id’: 6,
‘width’: 1,
‘id’: 79}

Say I want to update ‘sizeY’ to 3 from the API. I believe I use this command, but can’t figure out the syntax:

client.update_dashboard(dashboard_id=6, properties=WHAT GOES HERE?)