The feature Using Query Results as Data Sources ( was marked as available only for hosted version and will be released to Open Source version after 1.0.0.

Right now redash reached 2.0.0. Is there any update on this?

It’s a really powerful feature.

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I also would like to hear from that.
It would make everything so much more flexible.

Since this is in version 4.0.0, I’ve been using it. At the moment, my primary request would be to add an additional field to the Query Results Data Source that lets me give them a more sane name that I can reference when creating a query. Right now, I might have:

SELECT, bq.count 
FROM query_48 bq
JOIN query_47 cl ON cl.char_id = bq.char_code;


SELECT, bq.count 
FROM query_45 bq
JOIN query_47 cl ON cl.char_id = bq.char_code;

… and it’s super duper easy to get confused. I’d rather be able to do something like:

SELECT, bq.count 
FROM my_friendly_name bq
JOIN my_other_friendly_name cl ON cl.char_id = bq.char_code;

Any update ? Would love to have this feature

Too many queries result… pretty hard to manage

@benjoz are you referring to feature “Query Results as Data Sources” or feature “Friendlier names for query results

@ranbena yes I am !
We have a lot of query result and it’s very difficult for people to understand that query_8 is this ans query_9 is that
It would save hours to have a friendly name, specially when you come back on a query after month !

This issue’s feature has already been resolved long ago.
What you’re referring to is Provide friendlier names/interface for query results table names and columns.