Updated migration script

For a long while we had a script to migrate content between Redash instances. It worked, but wasn’t very much maintained. About a year ago @jesse started the effort of refreshing this script as part of the redash-toolbelt project, it didn’t go far but we’re restarting the effort now.

The goal is to create a maintained version of the script built on top of the toolbelt that will support latest version of Redash along with all the objects (previous versions of the script didn’t migrate alerts or favorites).

The PR is here: Add migration script to examples by susodapop · Pull Request #23 · getredash/redash-toolbelt · GitHub.

If anyone interested in helping with testing, please let us know. We will update on this thread with the progress of this effort.


Do we have an ETA on when the migration script will be usable?

Late July or early August. You can follow along on the PR Arik linked.