Updating impala_ds.py with docker

I need to make a change to impala_ds.py so that I can add the use_ssl directive. I’m very new to docker though, but it doesn’t seem like any changes i make to the file make it into the instance.

Can anyone direct me to how I can update the impala_ds.py file that the system will actually use?

Changes locally will not be reflected in the container unless you’re mounting a VOLUME. But I’m not sure this is the right solution for you.

Are you deploying Redash with Docker containers? Use a Docker Compose based setup?

Yes the docker compose setup for now, but happy to do whatever is needed to be able to use a custom version of the query_runner. I just need to add the ability for a boolean flag on “use_ssl” for the connection string.

I had it working in v4 when using the non-docker method and the version of the file i edited was in use.

Any ideas for this one? @arikfr