Upgrade Redash Stanalone V4 to V7 Docker


I tried to find a fully guide on this but I couldn’t find.

I would appreciate if you could guide me on that or send a “How to” link.



the process is described here and i had no problem. I ran it for each stable version between my old one and the 7. And everything went fine.


Be careful to read Redash v7 Released before upgrade to v7.
And particulary

All data source options are now encrypted in the database. By default the encryption uses the REDASH_COOKIE_SECRET value ( redash.settings.COOKIE_SECRET ), but you can specify a different value by setting the REDASH_SECRET_KEY environment variable value. Note that you need to set this before doing the upgrade.

If you already run on docker this guide is helpful.

I am running on Nginx and I need to migrate my data to docker image.

Sorry the title was not so clear.

I would install v4 over docker, backup and restore standalone v4 database to the docker one and then process the upgrades ?

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How to restore the database into docker?

When already running on Docker we use the following command: docker-compose run --rm server manage db upgrade

But what command should I use in my case?

You would use pg_dump and pg_restore to move around the DB. It’s not something Redash specific and we don’t have any guides on it. Just to elaborate on the process @MathieuBossaert suggested:

  1. Create a new Redash instance based on Docker.
  2. Update Docker Compose config (/opt/redash/docker-compose.yml) to use the same Redash version as your previous Redash instance.
  3. Backup DB on old instance.
  4. Restore DB on new instance.
  5. Run upgrade process for v5, then v6, then v7 (one at a time).

Good luck!