I wanted to try out v4 locally to test out the new UI before upgrading our server. I used the following instructions to get Redash running on my Mac initially http://petegraham.co.uk/running-redash-on-mac-os/ however I can’t work out how to upgrade this to v4.

I’ve exhausted all the obvious things:

  • Updating the git repo to the latest version of master
  • Updating the docker containers
  • Even deleting the docker containers

The upgrade docs only say:

If you’re using Docker to run Redash, don’t use the upgrade script, but rather update the Docker image you’re using

If I can get help on this I’m happy to upgrade the docs to help other people.


You need to:

  1. Update the image reference to redash/redash:4.0.0.b3948.
  2. Stop services.
  3. Apply migrations (docker-compose run --rm server manage db upgrade).
  4. Start everything with docker-compose up.